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OSHA Safety Signs

Our OSHA Safety Signs are available in 14"x10" and 10"x7" sizes on .040" rust-proof reflective aluminum. We offer five standard OSHA sign headers (listed below) that allow for the message to be customized.

What are OSAH Signs

OSHA signs, named after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States, are visual safety signals designed to alert workers and visitors of potential hazards and safety instructions in a workplace. They serve as a crucial aspect of workplace safety and compliance with federal laws.

What are the major categories of OSHA Signs?

OSHA, in collaboration with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), categorizes signs into the following major categories based on their function:

  1. Danger Signs: These are used when there is an immediate danger and special precautions are necessary. The word 'Danger' is printed in white letters on a red background and is preceded by the safety alert symbol (an exclamation mark inside a triangle).
  2. Warning Signs: These are used when a hazardous situation has some potential for serious injury. The word 'Warning' is printed in black on an orange background and is also preceded by the safety alert symbol.
  3. Caution Signs: These are used for situations that may lead to minor or moderate injury. The word 'Caution' is printed in black on a yellow background, and the safety alert symbol typically precedes it.
  4. Notice Signs: These do not indicate a personal injury risk but provide general information and instructions. The word 'Notice' is printed in white on a blue background.
  5. Safety Instruction Signs: These signs provide general safety-related instructions or suggestions. They usually have a green background and white letters.
  6. Fire Safety Signs: These signs indicate the location of fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers or fire exits. They usually have a red background with white letters.

Who is required to use OSHA sign?

OSHA signs are used by all organizations that are subject to OSHA regulations, which include most private sector employers and their workers. Some public sector employers are also covered under OSHA or similar state-level agencies.

Why are OSHA signs important?

OSHA signs are important for a variety of reasons. They help:

  • Prevent accidents by warning workers and visitors of potential dangers.
  • Guide people to safety in emergencies.
  • Provide information on how to use safety equipment.
  • Indicate the location of emergency equipment and exits.
  • Facilitate compliance with federal and state safety laws, which can help organizations avoid costly fines and legal issues.

Where should OSHA signs be placed?

The placement of OSHA signs varies based on their purpose. They should be placed where they are easily visible and where they can most effectively convey their message. For example:

  • Danger, Warning, and Caution signs should be placed near the hazard they are warning about.
  • Safety instruction signs should be in locations where their instructions can be most effectively followed, such as near safety equipment.
  • Fire safety signs should be placed on or near the equipment or exit they are indicating.
  • Notice signs should be placed in areas where they can be easily seen by workers and visitors, such as entrances or break rooms.

The Role of the Employer

It's important to note that while OSHA provides guidelines and regulations, employers are responsible for properly assessing hazards in their workplaces and installing appropriate signage.

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