This page contains information about the different types of traffic signs.

Traffic Signs

This page is all about explaining what traffic signs are and how they work.
Traffic Signs are designed to convey messages to the motorist. Traffic Signs usually indicate an upcoming hazard, a change is speed or direction that will require the motorists' attention, or changing surrounding conditions. Traffic Signs have always and will always be needed, as long as motorists are driving on roads, to ensure safety.

Traffic Signs are divided into the following five categories:

Regulatory Signs are those which indicate speed, motion, restrictive, and permissive guidelines that the motorist must follow. These typically have a white background with either red or black copy. Speed limit signs, stop signs, yield signs, do not enter signs, and other similar signs are regulatory signs.
Warning Signs are signs which convey an alteration in pavement condition or advanced warning of an upcoming hazard. Warning signs are usually yellow diamonds with black text or symbols. While construction signs are specifically defined in the class of "Temporary Traffic Control", they are in essence a variation of warning signs, except that they have orange or Fluorescent Orange backgrounds. Both construction signs and warning signs are similar in that they convey a vital message that is to prepare the motorist for upcoming hazards.
School Signs are for the safety of students and other at institutions of learning. These signs are designed specifically to alert motorists of the possibility of high foot traffic across or near the road. This is to provide ample time for the motorist to react so that he or she does not harm any individual. School signs are typically Fluorescent Yellow Green with black text to provide extra noticeability. Schools are designated this entire category and yellow-green color because of the high probability that pedestrians will be present.
Guide Signs are for the purpose of guiding motorists to their proper destination. This category encompasses a variety of signs, all the way from county route markers to large interstate signs. Route markers are usually either for designation county, state, or U.S. Highways with a route number. This number uniquely identifies the road apart from others. North/South routes are typically assigned odd numbers, while East/West routes are typically assigned even numbers. Many guide signs are often green with white text, indicating distance from a location, or direction of a location. Interstate signs are similar in that they provide direction to different major routes and cities, except on a much larger scale.