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Wrong Way Signs

Wrong Way Sign

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Wrong Way Sign Details:

  • Sign is manufactured on durable rust-proof .080" aluminum
  • Pre-punched 3/8" mounting holes in top and bottom for easy installation.
  • Meets M.U.T.C.D. specifications for highway use.
  • See in our catalog on page 8.

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High Intensity Prismatic Reflective on .080" Aluminum:

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High Intensity Prismatic
High Intensity Prismatic
30" x 18" $68.86 $65.42 $61.97
36" x 24" $101.20 $96.14 $91.08
42" x 30" $159.72 $151.73 $143.75

Full Cube Prismatic Reflective on .080" Aluminum:

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Full Cube Prismatic
Full Cube Prismatic
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Available Reflective Finishes:

High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Full Cube Prismatic Reflective
High Intensity Prismatic
Pick traffic sign finish
  • Most common reflective finish used for traffic signs
  • Meets federal minimum requirements
  • 10 Year Outdoor Durability
Full Cube Prismatic
Pick traffic sign finish
  • Brightest and most visible
  • Exceeds federal minimum requirements
  • 10 Year Outdoor Durability

Wrong Way
Bicycle Wrong Way

Sign Posts

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Sign Installation Hardware

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The meaning of a Wrong Way sign is to provide a clear and immediate warning to drivers who may be entering a roadway, ramp, or other restricted area in the wrong direction. The Wrong Way sign, designated as R5-1a in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), is typically used in conjunction with other signs or markings to reinforce the message and ensure drivers are aware they are entering an area where they should not be going.

MUTCD R5-1a Guidance

These signs are crucial for maintaining the safety of all road users, as they help prevent head-on collisions and other dangerous situations that can arise when vehicles are traveling in opposite directions on the same roadway or lane. By clearly communicating to drivers that they are going the incorrect direction, these signs aim to minimize the risk of accidents and keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

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MUTCD Sign Code #: R5-1a
Shape: Horizontal Rectangle
Color: WHITE on RED
Available Sizes and Weights:Size: 30" x 18"; Ship Weight: 4.7 lbs
Size: 36" x 24"; Ship Weight: 7.5 lbs
Size: 42" x 30"; Ship Weight: 10.9 lbs
Available Styles:High Intensity Prismatic Reflective on .080" Aluminum
Full Cube Prismatic Reflective on .080" Aluminum
Full Description:

R5-1a have a red background color. The text and border are white and it is in the shape of a horizontal rectangle.

Wrong Way Sign Photos:

Actual picture of our Wrong Way traffic sign.

Actual picture of our Wrong Way traffic sign.

Example Use:

On a late Friday evening, Alex was driving home from a tiring workweek, slightly distracted by the melodies from the radio and thoughts of the weekend ahead. As he approached an exit ramp leading off the freeway, he mistakenly thought it was an entrance ramp and began to make the turn to merge onto the highway. However, just as he started, a large, reflective 'Wrong Way' sign caught his eye, its bold white lettering contrasting sharply against the red background. Realizing his potentially fatal mistake, Alex immediately reversed, grateful for the clear warning that potentially saved him and others from a dangerous and possibly tragic situation. The sign had effectively done its job, cautioning drivers like Alex from inadvertently entering lanes of oncoming traffic.