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Traffic Signals Photo Enforced Signs

Traffic Signals Photo Enforced Sign

SKU# R10-18a

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The Photo Enforced R10-18a MUTCD design features a rectangular sign with a black border, a white background, and the words Photo Enforced in bold black letters, accompanied by a traffic symbol to indicate the presence of enforcement cameras at the intersection.

Traffic Signals Photo Enforced Sign Details:

  • Sign is manufactured on durable rust-proof .080" aluminum
  • Pre-punched 3/8" mounting holes in top and bottom for easy installation.
  • Meets M.U.T.C.D. specifications for highway use.

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High Intensity Prismatic Reflective on .080" Aluminum:

1 to 4 5 to 9 10 +
High Intensity Prismatic
High Intensity Prismatic
30" x 42" $199.65 $189.67 $179.69
36" x 54" $297.66 $282.78 $267.89

Full Cube Prismatic Reflective on .080" Aluminum:

1 to 4 5 to 9 10 +
Full Cube Prismatic
Full Cube Prismatic
30" x 42" $225.50 $214.23 $202.95
36" x 54" $332.31 $315.69 $299.08

Available Reflective Finishes:

High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Full Cube Prismatic Reflective
High Intensity Prismatic
Pick traffic sign finish
  • Most common reflective finish used for traffic signs
  • Meets federal minimum requirements
  • 10 Year Outdoor Durability
Full Cube Prismatic
Pick traffic sign finish
  • Brightest and most visible
  • Exceeds federal minimum requirements
  • 10 Year Outdoor Durability

Photo Enforced

Photo Enforced

Photo Enforced (symbol)

Traffic Laws Photo Enforced

Photo Enforced Camera Symbol

Traffic Signals Photo Enforced

Speed Limit Photo Enforced Ahead (Only Works With RU5000 or RU6000 Stand)

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This is a picture the photo enforced sign.  The sign shows a symbol of a traffic signal and has the words PHOTO ENFOCED at teh bottom in black letters
This sign is used near intersections to warn drivers that cameras are used to detect when people do not obey the traffic signal.


MUTCD Sign Code #: R10-18a
Shape: Vertical Rectangle
Available Sizes and Weights:Size: 30" x 42"; Ship Weight: 10.9 lbs
Size: 36" x 54"; Ship Weight: 16.8 lbs
Available Styles:High Intensity Prismatic Reflective on .080" Aluminum
Full Cube Prismatic Reflective on .080" Aluminum
Full Description:

R10-18a have a white background color. The text and border are black/red/yellow/green and it is in the shape of a vertical rectangle.

Mounting Hole Placement: Mounting Hole Diagram for Traffic Signals Photo Enforced Sign

Example Use:

In busy urban intersections, a 'Traffic Signals Photo Enforced' sign acts as a proactive measure to notify drivers of the presence of cameras that monitor traffic light compliance. For instance, imagine a driver named Alex who often rushes through yellow lights, thinking he can beat the red. One day, while approaching his usual intersection, he spots the 'Traffic Signals Photo Enforced' sign. Realizing that a camera is watching and that a ticket could be automatically issued for any infractions, Alex decides to slow down and stop when the light turns yellow, rather than risking a ticket. Thus, the sign serves its purpose not just as a warning but as a deterrent, encouraging drivers to adhere to traffic regulations and potentially reducing the number of red-light running incidents and related accidents.